We're all about Scripture Circles

Scripture circles are gatherings around the Bible in a new and people-centered way.  There's lots of ways to get plugged in. Check them all out below.

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Open Circles

New to 40 Orchards and Scripture Circles?  This is a great place to start.  All are welcome, no prior study experience required.

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Thematic Circles

Want a deeper dive into the text?  Maybe have some experience studying in circles?  Give these a try.

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Roots program

Have you been to a few Scripture Circles, and now want to dive deeper into big arcs in the Text? Have you been studying for awhile but feel like you have missed examining some key passages?  This is the place for you!

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Cultivate Cohort

Want to see what a longer commitment of Scripture Circles might do in your life, family, and community?  Journey together with a small group (8-12) of peers and dive into a variety of themes together over the course of 40 weeks.