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Are you curious about how the human experience is reflected in the narrative arcs of the biblical text?
Do you long for the opportunity to get to know multiple perspectives on life and faith? 
Would you benefit from having time set aside each month to be in a safe space of wrestling and questions?    

Roots is a 10-session Scripture Circle program. 

We provide content and curriculum based around 10 passages from a grouping of books of Scripture. Together, the group gathered will use ancient Jewish concepts of Midrash to wrestle, question, and discover. We  will find ways the narratives bring forth good questions for our lives and demonstrate important principles of biblical exploration. 

Available Roots Programs

Roots: Pentateuch (The First Five Books of the Bible) explores passages from Genesis to Deuteronomy, finding ways ancient narratives can still inform and guide us through the modern human experience.

Roots: Gospels explores passages from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, exploring the words and actions of Jesus in light of the story that was already being told before he was born.

** Coming in 2020** Roots: Prophets explores passages from Isaiah to Malachi, exploring the messages of loss, justice, and hope that offer much needed guidance for living in today’s world.

Please Note: If you have not participated in the Cultivate Cohort, Roots: Pentateuch (or Old Testament Roots), or studied with 40 Orchards for over a year, we recommend starting with Roots:Pentateuch.


There are 2 different costs to the program depending on how you would like to pay:

1. If you pay for all session before or at the first session, the cost is $400.00
2. If you want to pay per month or per session, the fee is $45.00 per session.


Roots sessions meet once a month over a 10 month period, and typically begin in the fall.
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Don’t see an open registration? Don’t worry. Fill out the form below to let us know you are interested in joining roots. If there’s not one currently available, we will take your name. Once 6 or more people are interested, we can launch a new session. We will email you and work to find a date and time that works for the majority.

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