We believe within each of us are seeds, embedded there by the Creator, which we are meant to bring forth into this world.

Deep down, most of us seem to have a belief that this is true. But how do we start? We believe the best place to begin is in the Scriptures. Have you ever noticed that whenever the number 40 is mentioned in the Bible, it is a symbol of renewal and the sign of a new beginning? What if God is inviting you to inhabit that story? To see how what God has done, God is doing, and God will do again?

We imagine standing on a hillside, and seeing not just the tree that has grown from one person’s life, but a vista abounding with orchards: groups of people bringing life and goodness into this world.

This is the dream behind 40 Orchards: to cultivate seeds that will bear fruit. We bring together individuals, and partner with churches and organizations, to help people (re)discover and experience the generative power of the Word of God. Our primary way of doing this is through Scripture Circles: small group experiences inspired by our vision that embody our mission and reflect our values.