Let's go far, together.

What does it mean to leave the known for the unknown? How can I keep walking while also waiting? What does it look like to trust a community around me? How can wrestling through hard questions in a safe place give me the courage to cross over into new beginnings? 

Do you have questions? Longings? Doubts? A call toward more?  

So do we. Let’s walk this out together. 

Join our next Cohort. 

If you feel drawn to dive deeper into study, scripture, transformation, and community, our Cultivate Cohort Program is for you. This intensive program is a deep dive into the midrash style of study, the Hebrew language, and foundational scripture passages, all within the context of intentional community. 

It’s a life-changing journey. 

Over the course of 40 weeks, your Cohort of about 12 question-askers and truth-seekers will walk together through twice-monthly scripture circles, four full-day sessions, two weekend retreats, and ongoing one-on-one mentoring sessions, all culminating with a study-rich trip to Israel. The connections formed are often deep and lasting, and the immersion in Hebrew and midrash-style study has equipped some Cohort alumni to begin teaching scripture circles themselves. 

Don’t take our word for it. 

Hear what our Cohort alumni are saying:

  • “May others who are feeling dry and parched find their way to a well with a community like I found in the Cohort.”   - Travis Boesch [Read Travis’ Story HERE]

  • “What I did not expect was to experience such a deep transformation of my mind, body and soul.” - Ashley Leusink, [Read Ashley’s story HERE]

  • “The Cohort allowed me to be okay with questions and brought me to a group that did the same.”

  • “I was introduced to 40 Orchards at a point my faith was changing. What I thought was steady and solid footing began to shift. I felt frustrated and angry with the narrowness I had experienced. Through the Cohort, I gained an awareness that God and faith aren’t narrow—they are expansive. God is bigger than I imagined and was taught.”

  • “This experience has completely removed my walls and softened me to the point where I feel like I can see other people.” 

  • “These stories I’ve been told since I was a little girl—suddenly they’re not flat.”

  • “My skillset and how I was wired was valued in that space. You just show up.”

  • “Studying provided a fundamental shift from ‘This is what God did to me’ to ‘What does God have in this for me? And can I receive it well?’”

  • “I feel more alive.”

What to expect

Throughout the 40 weeks, you’ll work through a total of ___ different “seeds” (or themes). For each seed, you’ll be provided an in-depth mix of discovery-based questions, reflective readings, and experiential learning, and you’ll engage in both individual and group study.

Each Cohort contains roughly 12 people who walk through the entire experience together. You’ll also receive spiritual direction and one-on-one shepherding from 40 Orchards leadership. Many participants say the relationships formed are the most valuable part of the Cohort.

Sacred Time and Space
Throughout the Cohort, you’ll enter into the rhythm and architecture of sacred time, through weekly Sabbath practice, as well as Old Covenant feasts and New Covenant celebrations.



The 2019-2020 Cohort will begin with an opening retreat September 28-29, 2019, and close with another retreat July 17-19, 2020.  In addition to the two retreats, plan for a time commitment that includes:

    • A 3-hour Scripture Circle, twice a month

    • Four full-day sessions (once each quarter)

    • One-on-one mentoring sessions every month

    • Customized curriculum including exploratory questions, books, and practices

    • An optional 10-day trip to Israel in November 2020


The Cohort tuition is $3500, with a 10% discount if you pay in advance. Otherwise you can pay $350/month throughout the program. Customized payment plans and financial assistance are also available- please don’t let cost keep you from inquiring.

Are you curious? Want to learn more? Do you feel a burning inside—telling you to take the leap? Here are the next steps:

Join Us

If this sounds like a journey you might like to take, the first step is to meet with Stephanie Spencer, our program director. Because the Cohort is a relational, face-to-face experience, we feel it’s important to begin with a face-to-face meeting. After that, if it feels right, you’ll be invited to start the application process, with a $100 non-refundable deposit due by August 1, 2019.

To set up a meeting or for more information, call or email Stephanie Spencer at 651-456-8450 or stephanie@40orchards.org.

Interested or have questions?  Send us a message!

Banner photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash