Let's go far, together.

In Exodus, the people begin a movement from working as individual slaves to worshipping as a sacred community. Though that journey means leaving slavery, it also means moving from the predictable provision of food and water in Egypt to the unknown and harsh reality of the wilderness. It requires each to have the faith to follow so that all can begin to walk in freedom.

What does it mean to leave the known for the unknown? How can we walk while waiting, trusting we will have what we need when it’s time? What does it look like to put my faith not only in God, but in a community around me? How can wrestling and trusting together give each of us and all of us the courage to cross over into new beginnings? How is a journey like that for us connected to our role in God bringing the redemption and reconciliation of all things? 

The Cultivate Cohort Program is a 40-week experience, designed to engage with those questions and more. It is a journey of learning to inhabit the Scriptures and engage in community in ways that influence how we lead, teach, and live. Ultimately, though, we cannot tell you what that will mean for you. We believe saying yes to the cohort program begins a journey of faith with community. What we can tell you is that we will be in it with you. And together we will discover what God has in store.

Information (including the cost and dates) for our 2019/2020 Cohort is available below and will launch in the Fall of 2019.

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