June 13, 2018 Newsletter

Leave the edges of your field open. Leviticus 19:9-10

Leave the edges of your field open. Leviticus 19:9-10

In Hebrew, a שׂדה sadeh is a field where we plant and cultivate nourishment for our community. Imagine how the people must have dreamed about these sadehim (plural) during their own 40 years of desert wandering and manna eating! In just over 2 years, 40 Orchards has established some rich sadehim of our own. Do you know about them all? Monthly discovering and thematic circles, 10 session Roots courses, and the 40 week cohort program are waiting for you to step in. Click on the "GET INVOLVED" link in the upper right hand corner of this page to get started.

Through these Scripture Circles and programs, there have been stories of transformation and change, the privilege of witnessing and being witnessed. Which in turn helps us go into our homes, neighborhoods, churches and workplaces sharing our tov (goodness) for the sake of others.

40 Orchards employs more than just the teacher you see at a Scripture Circle.  Our two part time staff:

  • Lead ongoing programs
  • Respond to what we hear by developing new curriculum and programs
  • Do the background administrative work needed to keep a nonprofit running
  • Offer shepherding relationships to people who attend our circles
  • Come alongside people as they begin to live out their tov in the world
  • Develop teachers and leaders rooted in  this wrestling and spacious view of Scripture
  • Offer scholarships and payment plans so no one is turned away or unable to join

We would love to continue to offer the programs we already have. We are also praying for more communities where we can offer Scripture Circles (like prisons and shelters) and hoping to create new programs (like a New Testament Roots)!

But we can’t do this without you.  

40 Orchards does not have the funds to pay our staff salaries for the summer. Can you offer your financial support? A one-time gift helps us get through this summer cash flow challenge. Setting up a recurring monthly donation invests in our vision and helps keep us moving into the future. Any amount, from $10 to $1000 will help.

You can give through EFT or credit card by clicking HERE, or by sending a check to 40 Orchards, 7620 Aldrich Ave S, Richfield, MN 55423.

Thank you for supporting us as we walk into the future.

Grace and peace,

Stephanie & Lisa, and the 40 Orchards Board